A new journey begins…

sorrel-leavesAt the end of 2014, some things began to wind down, not least of all my office hours at the music company that I work at part-time.  It seems every five to ten years the fates give me a kick up the behind; just when things get very comfortable, very stable something happens that pulls the rug out from under my feet.  At the time, it can feel dreadful – for the most part we humans hate change. But change can be a good thing, keeping us from stagnation, from seeing this from only one perspective.  Nothing ever stays the same. The seasons are always turning, the river is always flowing, we are endlessly spinning through the cosmos. Change is everything.

And so I’ve made a big decision. I’ve decided to train as a professional herbalist (meeting new EU regulations) with Herbcraft, run by Melanie Cardwell in association with the ANM (Association of Natural Medicine).  I’ve created a new blog, The Druid Herbalist, to record my progress through this journey that begins in April.  This new blog focuses solely on herbalism and natural healing.  Down the Forest Path will still remain my primary blog site, but please feel free to join me on The Druid Herbalist as well!

My journey begins, to deepen my service to the land, the people, the ancestors and the gods.  Wish me luck!

J. x

14 thoughts on “A new journey begins…

  1. We must be on a similar wavelength of some sort; I also very recently decided to pursue deeper knowledge of herbcraft as part of my vocation 🙂 Will definitely keep an eye on your new blog as well as this one!

  2. Blessings to you, Joanna — and your new adventure in deepening your Herbal learning! I’m a Beginner still (after pursuing learning on my own for the past few years or so), self-taught, but always looking for inspiration of others continuing their studies with Herbs, as it may bring me back to studying more deeper myself again.

    Much love to you in the ‘Green’ World xo.
    )O( Indigenous Shamanic Winds (Shami)

  3. Hi Joanna, good for you! There’s a difference between understanding and accepting the principle of change and have the courage to act when change actually crosses your path. Love to follow your blog, and no doubt your new blog as well! Best wishes, Raymond /|\

  4. This is wonderful news, Jo! With your compassion and sensitivity, your willingness to be guided by the Awen and the spirits about you, and your understanding from the inside on how the body and soul work together, I can’t think of a better way for you to proceed. I look forward to reading your progress, you trials; and your insights as you pursue this course. You don’t need them, but you have my blessings and those of the healers who work with me – Hildegard, Badger and H’Renthu. xox

  5. Blessings to you on your upcoming journey…I, too, have started a more formal study of Herbalism recently. I feel that is a great way to honor the Earth, those whom have come before us, and to learn that which was once THE way things were done. Back to basics, keeping the old ways alive is what it’s all about…if we (those on a natural path) do not, well then, whoever will?

    Best of luck to you!

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