Meditation and Acceptance

meditation 3I found this good article on meditation by Chad Foreman, and this paragraph especially struck a chord within me:

“You have probably heard all this sort of thing about accepting and letting go before, but here is the secret to accepting and allowing to truly be able to relax:- You do not have to actually accept the present moment or actually let go of anything because that would imply effort, and that would imply things are not already perfect just the way they are. trying to accept would require you to do something with will power and subtle aggression, the secret is to simply FIND that part of yourself that is already allowing and accommodating the present situation. Neither accept or reject anything. This is the key instructions of Tibetan Buddhist Masters.”

To read the full article, click HERE.

3 thoughts on “Meditation and Acceptance

  1. I haven’t read the article yet, but I *think* I’m with the author in that acceptance and letting go are not the right mindset for meditation. As a Buddhist, IMO, the task is to acknowledge, recognize, and move on. Both acceptance and letting go involve desire and “dukkha” (the suffering that arrises from desire).

    In other words, and in my experience, gentleness comes from realizing the situation is exactly as it is. Worrying about what is, is fruitless, and a waste of energy and cause of stress. My learning about meditation is not about accepting, but acknowledging.

    Of course, after meditation, get going on changing the situation! 😀

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