Jason Kirkey: Celtic spiritual ecologist

Salmon-in-the-SpringI had my mind blown a while back by Jason Kirkey’s book, The Salmon in the Spring. It is the best book I have ever read about Celtic spirituality, animism and ecology. Now, as I am re-reading it, again I am finding my head nodding in response to everything he says, like some little toy dog in the back of someone’s car.  I am eagerly anticipating his new book, which hopefully will be available soon.  Though I’ve never met him, or spoken to him, I feel a soul kinship to his words and thoughts that resonate so deeply with my own spirituality. Concepts of ego and environment, of humanity’s place within the whole, has left me once again reeling with a different perception.  When I have found some handholds I shall write about it, first needing to find a more coherent sense of self in order to form the words 🙂

To find our more about Jason Kirkey, please visit his website HERE.

4 thoughts on “Jason Kirkey: Celtic spiritual ecologist

    • Bobcat’s work is a tough slog in The Wakeful World, I found – if you love philosophy then great, but you can get drowned in it all, and it was just a little too much to digest. Kirkey’s work is much more engaging, but no less profound – indeed, every chapter I had a “Mind. Blown.” moment 🙂 Much more succinct that Restall Orr’s work – I found it incredible how he managed to define concepts to beautifully, simply and eloquently.

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