The Wisdom of Gandalf

A lovely reader, Donal commented on my Make Tea post about how the US feels like they’re living in a Tolkein epic right now. It may indeed seem that all the forces of evil are set against us, overshadowing all. I was instantly reminded of my all-time favourite Druid, one of my greatest inspirations and heroes since I was a young lass: Gandalf. Tolkein was writing during some very dark times in his own day and age, and through Gandalf presented wonderful wisdom and awen.  This got me through some pretty dark days in my own life, and still continues to inspire me each and every day. I hope that they can also inspire others. x




8 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Gandalf

  1. All wise words. And just when we feel small and alone in the face of it all…we find the others, companions and befrienders on the journey. For which I am profoundly grateful.

  2. Joanna, Yes, Gandolf is a Wonderful Inspiration right now and your quotes are Spot On.I personally am reaching out to like minded people so as to nourish each other thru these times.
    As an aside , I am a graduate of the Green Mountain Druid Order, which was established by Ivan McBeth in Vermont.Did you by chance know him, or of him.He recently discorporated and it is clear that the legacy he provided must now, more than ever, be brought forth and Lived, Truly Lived by all that went thru the training.

    Glad Solstice
    May the Awen be with You ( quite evident it is ! )
    Donal T;loog

  3. I totally agree with you, Joanna. I absolutely adore the wisdom of Gandalf and the true hero was Tolkein to write the books!

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