7 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Sequel

  1. Especially now that Trump has just obliterated Obama’s environmental protection legislation to placate the coal and other fossil fuel industries. The results of climate change are particularly poignant now as I just finished read Dreaming with Polar Bears by Dawn Bauman Brunke. GIven what she relates the ‘work’ of Polar Bears is we must maintain them and their unique world.

  2. To be honest I have yet to see the original film – I take it that its a harrowing, truthful and honest look at gloabal warming etc. ?

  3. Al Gore’s film was the thing that first alerted me to the possibility of, and consequences of, global climate change all those years ago. I’m amazed at, embarrassed by and ashamed of humankind’s inability to acknowledge the obvious. Whilst it might be the case that the wealthiest nations can make adaptations to survive the changes, the poor can’t; and, of course, if we accept that the earth is alive with spirit….then our attitude as a species is a blasphemy.

    Just imagine if every property, residential and commercial, was required to have photovoltaic panels on the roof slopes…..surely, this would reduce harmful emissions significantly: though I acknowledge that the production of pv panels in itself uses up precious resources. Our demand for electrical energy is seemingly insatiable. There seems to be a dilemma here, we want to reduce the harmful impact that we’re having on the planet and our fellow beings in the widest sense, yet we still want access to increasing amounts of electrical energy. Not sure how we can meet this challenge.

    John /l\

    • I know – we live in a world where there is so much information at our fingertips, and yet so many remain ignorant on such important issues, such as climate change, for various reasons. I only hope that our future ancestors will forgive us.

  4. Well, having rented and watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ over the weekend, I can truthfully say it scared me more than anything I have witnessed for a long, long time. How can we all have let this happened? How could I have been so blind myself? I will be waiting to see this new film with a feeling of impending dread….but in the meantime doing everything within my power to protect the very Nature that sustains us.

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