The Queen of the May


She calls

And now you know you must answer

Softly at first

At Spring Equinox

She was all innocence

All light-voiced song

And you know She calls

The Queen of the May

The virgin voice now lusty and deep

Full in the belly and full in the throat

Her song caresses you

Like her fingertips caress the belly of Experience

And you answer her call


She calls

And you are faery-led

Into the wild haunts

To lay yourself down

As sacrifice

Upon the altar of ecstasy

To dance free around the faery tree

To let your heart be filled

With the songs of sparrows

And swifts

As they scream overhead

To touch the grace of the deer in the shadows

To feel the heartbeat of the earth

Pulsing beneath your feet

As you set you roots down

Even as you reach towards the skies

The Beltane time is nigh


You hear a cry

And it is your own soulsong

Escaping your cherry-red lips

Filled with laughter

And grief



You dance the circle round

Whispering secrets to the trees

The eyes of the hidden folk following

You know who you are

You know who you were meant to be

And in your breathless dance

You sweat your prayers


And She hears them

And with crystalline clarity you know

In the blood that runs through your veins

And the thoughts that course through your mind

In the lives and loves of your ancestors

You know you are not the only one


And you revel in your witchdom


The music slows

The eyes of the does drop to the ground

As they lower their heads in reverence

For here She comes


And you look into Her in the eyes

And you see the May Queen


You see all that you were

And all that has been

And you nod and you smile

She takes your hand

She knows every crack in your heart

She knows your inner land


And as the bright sun fades

And the stars begin to shine

You honour your past

Your future is bright

And the magic never ends

As day turns into night

She blesses you

With your own inner sight

There is starshine in your hair

There is elphame in your soul


And you remember

All you have been

All you have seen and been told

And you have come home



(Photo by Graham Haynes)

2 thoughts on “The Queen of the May

  1. Thanks Jo…. here’s a song that I wrote for Beltane a couple of years ago called The Spirit of the Green Man; sadly I won’t be singing it at our folk club this year. Stay safe you and yours….

    Chorus…When the grass is lush and laden with dew,
    Then the spirit of the Green Man will come upon you….(x2)

    I walked through the woodland one morning in May,
    I thought I heard a voice to me say:
    “This place is holy, it’s sacred to me,
    Take off your shoes and dance with me”………..chorus (x2)

    It seemed right for me to obey this command,
    For who am I some proof to demand?
    I took off my shoes and I danced with delight,
    And as I pranced I saw a strange sight…………….chorus (x2)

    All the trees were swaying together in time,
    The leaves and the branches recited this rhyme:
    “Hail to the Green Man, the bringer of life;
    Come dwell among us and banish earth’s strife ……..chorus (x2)

    The Green Man danced and held out his arms,
    And whatever he touched, it seemed to be charmed.
    Wherever he walked, as plain as could be,
    New life emerged and danced furiously………..chorus (x2)

    Then he came over, took hold of my hand;
    Led me to the centre and asked me to stand.
    I stood there quite silent, my heart full of awe;
    My senses he filled till I could take no more………chorus (x2)

    I have to admit that the sun in the sky,
    It shone very brightly and dazzled my eye.
    Was it a mirage, a trick of the light?
    I think it not so, and I think I be right……chorus (x2)

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