In-Person Classes coming up this autumn

New classes this autumn in Woodbridge, Suffolk!

Introduction to Wicca and Witchcraft: A Nature Spirituality

Have you ever wondered why nature spirituality is on the rise? What is it that Wiccans and Witches do? Have you ever felt moved by the beauty of the full moon, the waves on the beach, the heart of the forest, and known that there is something more? If so, then this course may be for you.

Joanna is an author and a teacher and has been active in the Pagan community for over thirty years. In this introductory course, she shares her knowledge of the Craft and how important it is today. She emphasises being an integral, functioning member of your local ecosystem, and how we can work towards creating balance and harmony with the natural world. Through an understanding of Wiccan and Witchcraft theology and concepts, she demonstrates how we can bring peace, understanding, compassion, love and wisdom to the world, as well as find personal meaning and deep relationship with the earth and all her creatures.

In this course you will learn about:

• The natural cycles of the seasons, the sun and the moon

• The duality of deity as seen in a Goddess and a God

• The four elements and how to work with them

• How to create a personal daily practice

• Energy work and introduction to magical practices

This course is set out over four weeks, every Thursday night a week at a local public venue in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Each class will be 2 hours long, including breaks. Parking is free, and the venue is wheelchair friendly and also has an induction loop for the hearing impaired. This class is open to all who have an open mind and a willing heart. *Please wear a face mask, as the teacher (and possibly others in the class) have daily face to face contact with clinically vulnerable people.*

Payment for this course is on a sliding scale, and determined by the individual. Simply pay what you can afford at that moment. We aim to cover the costs of the venue hire and materials (there will be handouts, for example). If you are unable to pay, you may be able to help out by setting out tables and chairs, for instance, in a fair exchange of time and effort instead of a monetary contribution.

Please email Joanna at for more information and to sign up. To find out more about Joanna, please visit her website at

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