A Blessed Samhain and Happy Hallowe’en

Wishing you all the best this Samhain! Here are some of our dances from our performance last weekend at the East Anglian Enchanted Ball – we had such a great time! Broomsticks and belly dance, what more could a girl ask for? 🙂

When we’re bad, we’re better…

Last night a few ladies from my dance company and I performed at a charity fundraiser put on by Mystic Belly Dance, entitled “Disney: A Dream is a Wish”. We’re raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice and the Cats Protection League. With our predilection for all things dark, we decided to portray our favourite Disney characters: the villains!  Well done, ladies; I have the most amazing students and the most amazing people in my life.

My alter ego…

As some of you  may know, I moonlight as a belly dance instructor. Last night we played with slow improvisational dancing and shadowing, and here is the result. No one knew what was coming next, just watching and following each other, working as a tribe. Such fabulous ladies!

Gypsy Dreams at the Wild Warrior Beltane Picnic Festival

Here’s some highlights of our performance to a packed out crowd at Hadleigh Country Park this weekend – thank you all so much, you were brilliant! (Note the little man who danced the whole way through behind us – adorable!)

Dancing with Spriggan Mist

What a busy weekend we’ve had! Saturday night we were invited to dance with the lovely pagan rock band, Spriggan Mist at the Steamboat in Ipswich for their Myths and Legends Tour.  This is the opening number, which we hadn’t heard before, and danced improv to – we love it when it all comes together! I love my belly sisters…

Life is a dance

So much a part of my life is dance. I’ve always loved dancing, I have my own dance company. As a part of self-expression, as a part of ritual, as a part of communication it speaks on so many levels without saying a word.

We are a dancing species. We love music. If we are able in our bodies, then we can move them to the music that we hear. We can also dance in our inner sanctuaries, with utter freedom.

We need to let go of our reservations, about our bodies, about our abilities, and just get up and dance. Nietzsche said “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Do not let others’ perceptions of you or themselves stop you from dancing. Maybe they just can’t hear the music.

Illan Rivière with ‘le petit gerhard’ – Varanasi


Our latest dances…

Last weekend we featured two new choreographies at The Winter Shimmyland Hafla run by Mystic Belly Dance. Our dance company, Gypsy Dreams Belly Dance, performed four routines, two of which are shared here. We have our full amateur troupe, Gypsy Dreams, and our professional troupe, Lilith Dreaming, with our two latest dances – hope you enjoy!