Interview with Emma Restall Orr, March 2014

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Below is a fairly recent interview (March 2014) with Emma Restall Orr, author, founder and director of Honouring the Ancient Dead, and former Head of The Druid Network. Here, she is talks about Druidry, labels, the priesthood, anarchy, understanding the self and the importance of earth-based religions. Enjoy!

Listen HERE.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Emma Restall Orr, March 2014

  1. Thanks for posting this. Very inspirational! She even dared to mention that the size of the human population is rather a problem.

  2. Am planning to move north by 300 miles leaving a landscape largely of forest to one largely of hills. Found your thoughts on being in a different environment very helpful. In fact – all of it was very helpful.

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