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P1060324 (1024x768)I love the summer. The heat of the sun, the long days, the unending twilight at this time of year – it’s a brilliant time to be alive. I find at this time of year there is nowhere to hide: you must face what the light shines on you or try to hide in air-conditioned rooms with recycled air, breathing in that stale, same old, same old.

It’s a time when the layers come off, physically and metaphorically. As we expose some skin to the wonderful sunlight (with proper protection) so too do we expose our souls to the light, shining it in all the corners of our psyche. Summer is a time for exploration, for rejuvenation, for relaxation. It’s time to let your hair down and get a bit sweaty.

Many within the pagan tradition see Samhain as the time to face demons, your monsters that can take over and lead you into unacceptable behaviour. But for me it is summer, where I can lay them out on the lawn and watch them wriggle in the full light of the sun – that is where I find the denouement, the closure in my life’s little episodes.

Summer is a time when I have to face certain things head on: my body for one…

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6 thoughts on “Reblog: In the summertime…

  1. Your description of summer as the time to expose things to the light makes me reflect upon how each season offers this catharsis in its own way. Exhuberant, extroverted summer but internal, introverted winter. Looking inward is a different process than stripping away our story layers… each necessary processes.

  2. Great points today, Joanna… (& belated Canada Day good wishes!) Yes, as pointed out here, during the high peak of summer, it can on occasion also be a good time to consider elements of its opposite, too…(as someone familiar with interfaith and multifaith approaches, in this case perhaps the Yin Yang symbol has its value at times, too, re; seeing the dynamic, moving intergral ‘Whole’ in what might initially appear as only one of its opposities, as a Taoist priest and friend once told me.) So, yes, summer also has the ‘seed’ of its opposite, the darkness, as Nature also teaches and inspires us too. Your recent difficult experience with another regarding their shadow, at this time… yes, that ironically had just happened to me quite recently, too!, i.e, you rather suddenly see the other ‘1%’ that is rarely there, can be quite disconcerting, but – and forgive the interfaith aspect here again as well – perhaps more of the wonderful Buddhist compassion is also needed toward that person at a time like that, too, i.e, as ‘who knows’ what all they may be dealing with and so on. (I had to leave a situation with someone who was quite volatile at times, and quite suddenly, due to their own ‘shadow’, as you put it…and am glad that I did, in retrospect). Here’s to the good green earth, to walk on when we can and to continue to celebrate it throughout the year. Blessings & good luck with your herbal course too

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