Druid College Interview by Pagan Dawn Magazine

PD Imbolc 2016The fabulous Pagan Dawn Magazine featured Druid College in their Imbolc edition, containing an interview with myself and Robin Herne. They now have a lovely new website just for the magazine, and have featured this article online for all to read. You can find this article here: http://www.pagandawnmag.org/opening-the-gates-of-the-druid-college/

Pagan Dawn is a magazine that just goes from strength to strength.  It is now moving from four editions a year to six, and contains articles, information, news and more about all things Pagan.  Not only is it just beautiful to look at, but it is a brilliant read and I always look forward to my edition arriving in the post.

May we be the awen!

Reblog: In the summertime…

Here’s a taster of my latest blog post at SageWoman Magazine’s site, to read the full post click HERE!

P1060324 (1024x768)I love the summer. The heat of the sun, the long days, the unending twilight at this time of year – it’s a brilliant time to be alive. I find at this time of year there is nowhere to hide: you must face what the light shines on you or try to hide in air-conditioned rooms with recycled air, breathing in that stale, same old, same old.

It’s a time when the layers come off, physically and metaphorically. As we expose some skin to the wonderful sunlight (with proper protection) so too do we expose our souls to the light, shining it in all the corners of our psyche. Summer is a time for exploration, for rejuvenation, for relaxation. It’s time to let your hair down and get a bit sweaty.

Many within the pagan tradition see Samhain as the time to face demons, your monsters that can take over and lead you into unacceptable behaviour. But for me it is summer, where I can lay them out on the lawn and watch them wriggle in the full light of the sun – that is where I find the denouement, the closure in my life’s little episodes.

Summer is a time when I have to face certain things head on: my body for one…

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