BBC Interview, Radio Suffolk

Here is the link to my interview from yesterday with Matt Marvel on the Lesley Dolphin show for BBC Radio Suffolk. I’m on from about 2:00 in 🙂  Available on BBC IPlayer for the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “BBC Interview, Radio Suffolk

  1. You came across very well Jo. I was a fairly regular Sunday papers reviewer and “Thought for the Day” contributor on Radio York when I was an industrial chaplain….I found it nerve wracking. You gave a clear insight into how natural it is to be a druid…I hope the radio station is approached for further information by its listeners, you never know that what you say can might just be what someone needs to hear at that moment in their life…John /l\

    • Hi John, thank you! I was a little nervous as I was traveling to the station, but once there it was all good. I’ve been there a few times, in my other capacity as a belly dance instructor. They are lovely folk at BBC Radio Suffolk. May we be the awen! x

    • Hi Ryan! Yes, I think that we are very much seeing less and less, at least here in the UK, of people in the media treating Druids disrespectfully. There will always be one or two, of course, but on the whole I think that we’re now being seen in a different light than we were, say, even 10 – 15 years ago. People are starting to warm to the fact that we’re pretty normal people too, as in my conversation over the phone with the radio host, Matt when he rang to ask me to do the interview. Long may it continue! Lovely folk at BBC Radio Suffolk.

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