Fairy Tales

I attended a lovely make-up and photography workshop run by Leanne of Mystic Belly Dance earlier this month, and when it came time to be photographed, my friend Michelle and I decided to try out a Fairy Tale theme with the photographer, Roger Dewsbery. Here are the results, which I’m very pleased with! I can see possible future book covers and more… 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

    • It was a tricky day for outdoor photography, as it was brilliant sunlight, which is very harsh and causes a lot of contrast. We snapped almost every shot either in the shade or when the sun came out behind a cloud!

      • Right right, it’s a lot easier to add light than to remove it. 🙂 I haven’t tried this photo editor yet, but Lightroom is supposed to be a really good program. Our editor has done amazing work with it, even on the brightest of days….photos that might as well be ruined by bright light. Course ya can’t save them all!

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