4 thoughts on “Honouring the Storm

  1. Joanna, I LOVE your video/visual voice! I was totally bowled over by your Solstice visit to the beach, don’t even know if I managed to comment. I can’t get outdoors right now without needing a week to recover, but you have given me back the beach and the storm. And I loved seeing your Norfolk beach – very different from my Rhode Island beach, and very much the same.

    • Hi Adrienne! I’m so glad that I could share some of nature with you – I hope to do much more in future. I live on the Suffolk Coast, on a stretch that is very unusual to say the least! The shingle keeps moving every year, and creates wonderful new shapes, bays and spits. I love the current bay that has been created over the last two years, and will be sorry when it changes – I have a feeling that one really good storm from the east will change it all, but hey, nothing is permanent in life!

  2. I watched this last night on the link from your Tweet. I loved to hear the sound of the thunder, the rain and the hail. We had the break in the heat, but not the rain. I continue to go out watering my veggies, which are thriving. I can almost see them growing. Thank you for sharing your storm.

    • Thanks! It’s much cooler today – and it was so nice to get the rain and thunder. Where we are, many of the storms that come from the West die out before they get to us, so it’s rare to get the thunder and lightning unless it’s coming from the East. Wonderful!

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