The Druid Herbalist

sorrel-leavesAs I have just begun my 3 year diploma course to become a professional herbalist through Herbcraft, taught by Melanie Cardwell and accredited with the Association of Natural Medicine, I plan to document my journey into the healing world of plants. If you’re interested, please join me on my dedicated blog, The Druid Herbalist – blessings of the green to you all! xoxo

A new journey begins…

sorrel-leavesAt the end of 2014, some things began to wind down, not least of all my office hours at the music company that I work at part-time.  It seems every five to ten years the fates give me a kick up the behind; just when things get very comfortable, very stable something happens that pulls the rug out from under my feet.  At the time, it can feel dreadful – for the most part we humans hate change. But change can be a good thing, keeping us from stagnation, from seeing this from only one perspective.  Nothing ever stays the same. The seasons are always turning, the river is always flowing, we are endlessly spinning through the cosmos. Change is everything.

And so I’ve made a big decision. I’ve decided to train as a professional herbalist (meeting new EU regulations) with Herbcraft, run by Melanie Cardwell in association with the ANM (Association of Natural Medicine).  I’ve created a new blog, The Druid Herbalist, to record my progress through this journey that begins in April.  This new blog focuses solely on herbalism and natural healing.  Down the Forest Path will still remain my primary blog site, but please feel free to join me on The Druid Herbalist as well!

My journey begins, to deepen my service to the land, the people, the ancestors and the gods.  Wish me luck!

J. x