Changing Times

thank youDruid College begins in a couple of weeks, and I’m so very excited about it. This is the first time I’ve taught this many students at once – thirteen in all have signed up for Year 1! It promises to bring a lot of change to my life, and I look forward to it.

This year has already brought about many changes in my life, and has led to a deeper relationship with my gods, the ancestors and my environment. I feel so blessed to be on this journey, a journey that is shared with my friends and family, with readers of my blogs, my students and fellow colleagues on the Druid path. I have lived my Druidry full-time for many years now, and now it is a full-time “job” as well as a way of life! There are also more books underway, which I hope you will enjoy.

I aim to live in service to this land, to this planet, in whatever shape or form I can. I feel that it is our duty as part of an earth-based religion to serve, with truth and honour. I heartily thank all my teachers and guides along the way, and hope that I can continue the cycle of inspiration, of awen, after having been so inspired by so many people, both human and non-human, as well as that wonderful serpent energy contained within these British Isles. I honour my roots and work towards a future that I hope will be integrated, inclusive and inspiring.

Thank you, all from the depths of my heart.

Letting go, lightly…

At this time of year, during the months of October and November, many people in North America celebrate Thanksgiving.  Leaving out any historical implications, this is a beautiful celebration which is appropriate for this time of year.  As we enjoy nature’s bounty in the final harvests, we also can enjoy the space to take time out, to step back and rest. It is a beautiful, (and my favourite) time of year.

For me, it is also a time of letting go.  This is much easier said than done.  But if we can let go of things that are no longer beneficial to us – if we can let go lightly, then we can go forwards into the dark of winter completely open to the possibility of change, or any possibility, for that matter.

Much as the beech tree lets go of its leaves in the fall, no longer holding on to them so tightly, for their task is done and it is time to move on – so too can we gain inspiration from nature and let go.  There are many things to let go of – people that no longer nourish us or people that hurt us, behaviours that do the same, outdated philosophies and restricted points of view.  These things we can hold on to, for we fear change in our lives.  We love stability – it’s in our nature in order to survive.  However, in today’s world we hold onto things that are of no value, that are actually detrimental to our very self, because we fear change so much.

Letting go does not make one cold, alone, or result in the loss of compassion.  It opens up the heart to be able to nurture that which we may not have paid attention to in the past, for our hearts and minds were fully attached to other things, people or situations that did not allow room for anything else.  So we let go lightly, as the leaf lightly falls from the tree.  The tree is not bitter, or hurt, nor is the leaf – it is a release into the natural world and its cycles. Lightly falling to the earth, the release is freeing into the next cycle.

And so I take inspiration from nature, and am letting go lightly of people, situations and behaviours that keep me in one cycle, not allowing the release necessary to venture into the next.  I also give thanks to the people in my life, such as my husband and family, my cats, and friends that bring me such joy and continue to – I truly have been blessed.  As I look out the window, the beech tree stands naked in her glory, in her release, humming with the songs of release and peace that a long winter’s rest  will bring.