3 thoughts on “Blessings of the Summer Solstice!

  1. Thank you for this. I managed to go and sit in the garden early in my jammies, after feeding the cats. It was just too hot for me otherwise. It was very cooling just to watch the water lapping at your feet. Am so glad that the energy is turning again. I have found this rising toward High Summer especially challenging this year. Now I will begin to feel the energies once more that feed me as we ever so slowly descend into the dark of the year. Blessings, Jo. xx

  2. Thank you for sharing this. The North Sea is so distinctive, ie grey….we’ve just returned home from the International Sea Shanty Festival in Falmouth and the sea was just so clear and blue.

    We celebrated Beltane in our back garden at noon and set up our altar on the patio with the sound of the sea in the background….10 deg cooler today though! John /l\

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