Happy Winter Solstice!

This morning my Facebook feed was filled with lots of lovely people wishing everyone a happy winter solstice. So nice! And yet, there were just as many people correcting them, stating the the actual astronomical time is tomorrow, etc, etc. Let’s all just relax a little bit, and celebrate whenever we can, wherever we can, and however we can without the need to tell people that they’re doing it wrong.

So happy Winter Solstice for today, tomorrow and Monday!

One thought on “Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. How sad people worry so much about exact details they miss the sheer joy of the event. Personally I like spread the Winter solstice over a few days to spread the warmth and joy of the winter season. We all need to take a deep breath and relax about the minute details, life is much fuller when we do. Happy Winter Solstice and Warm Wishes for a Wonderful Yuletide.

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